Master Facilitator Instructors

Master Facilitators are an elite group of Certified Instructors of the Nicotine Dependence Treatment Continuing Education Programs. Master Facilitators have successfully completed a broad range of HealthCare Partnership courses. Additionally, they have instructed numerous courses, consistently demonstrating the professional skills, knowledge and training to provide/teach evidence-based interventions for nicotine addiction across a range of intensities. When the HealthCare Partnership receives a request for a Continuing Education/Certification program that faculty are unable to address, a referral is initiated to a Master Facilitator located in the requestors area.

Prerequisites: Certification in Basic Skills & Basic Skills Instructor and/or certification in Treatment Specialist & Treatment Specialist Instructor & Instructional Specialist. Experience in teaching more than 5 HealthCare Partnership courses. Evaluation results demonstrating high level of competency.

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