The University of Arizona HealthCare Partnership (HCP) is a nationally accredited continuing education/certification program that researches, writes, and teaches evidence-based nicotine addiction interventions to point-of-care providers and health influencers.  By attending a Nicotine Dependence Treatment Continuing Education/Certification program, candidates learn and practice the skills and knowledge to effectively deliver brief and intensive interventions to assist commercial tobacco users to achieve lifelong abstinence from nicotine products. Since program startup in 1999, over 22,000 Certifications in Nicotine Dependence Treatment have been issued to providers representative of a cross-section of health and human service fields. Programs are hosted on the University of Arizona campus as well as at clinics, hospitals, community centers, and on Reservation lands around the country.  With over 7 programs including cultural adaptations and resources for specialty clinical areas, the HealthCare Partnership offers programs to fit your professional setting.

Prior to the initiation of the HealthCare Partnership, HCP leadership oversaw more than 30 clinical/behavioral research studies as a part of the Arizona Program for Nicotine and Tobacco Research. The HealthCare Partnership was initially awarded a contract in 1998 to develop and test continuing education and certification models to meet the goals of the tobacco education and prevention arm of the Arizona Department of Health Services.  At that time, it was called the Arizona Cessation and Training Evaluation Program (ACTEV).